Sara Schlosser

  1. Crop Talk: Success with Brassicas at Sandiwood Farm

    Sara Schlosser, Farmer & Commercial Grower Sales Rep Here at Sandiwood Farm we’re tapping our maple trees and finishing our plans for the growing season ahead. This means reflecting on last season and what we, and our customers, loved most. Brassicas are an important crop for us, and I’ve learned a lot over my 27 years of growing them on...
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  2. Growing Soybeans for the Farmers Market

    - by Sara Schlosser  (Sara owns Sandiwood Farm in Wolcott, VT, and is also a High Mowing Sales Associate) Soybeans, or edamame, is a staple in Japanese menus and is becoming more and more prevalent in grocery stores and farmers markets. Every autumn we look forward to devouring these freshly steamed and salted protein rich treats. This year we made...
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