Farm Ethics

  1. Myanmar’s Floating Gardens and Golden Buddhas: Winter Farmer Travel (Part II)

    This article is a follow up to Becky’s January article, Trading in Ski Boots for Sandals: Winter Adventures for Farmers (Part 1)   in which she wrote about the role that travel plays in her career as a farmer. She just returned from Myanmar, and reflects on her experience. “Watermelon,” our trekking guide, Win, said as he pointed at the...
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  2. The Seed Future We Want to See

    There is an abundant future out there waiting for us to say yes to it.  It is filled with self-sufficient communities growing their own food and sharing with neighbors.  It is filled with non-genetically engineered seeds.  Seeds that are adapted to the needs of small organic farmers and gardeners.  Seeds that can be shared and saved by anyone; seeds selected...
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  3. Well, it’s time for another round of sue Monsanto!

    This time, a group of organizations, several of which High Mowing Organic Seeds is a proud member, are suing for legal protection against Monsanto’s transgenic pollen drift. The lawsuit asks courts to protect organic farmers from transgenic contamination by GE-crops, which results in a loss of value of the products (now no longer able to be sold as organic) and...
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  4. Know your organic seed company!

    Know your food, know your organic seed, know the people who ship you those organic seeds! A little "behind the scenes" look at a typical day in the warehouse these days... receiving seed, packing seed, shipping seed, processing orders, petting cats & dogs... it's the crazy time around here!
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