1. How High Mowing Organic Seeds Chooses Our Variety Selection

    When the seed catalogs arrive, in late autumn and on into the spring, don’t we all just love to crack them open and pour over the descriptions – visual, written or both – of all the varieties inside? If seeds represent the potential for new life and nourishment, then a seed catalog represents the blueprint of that potential. Seed catalog...
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  2. Trialing True Potato Seed

    In the High Mowing Organic Seeds' trials field, we spend our time trialing and evaluating varieties to determine how they perform compared with each other, as well as to gain knowledge about their characteristics to determine whether we would like to carry a new variety. In addition to this, we often do custom trials for other growers or organizations.  One...
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  3. Notes from the 2011 Trials Field

    As the night-time temperatures continue to drop here in Northern Vermont, we’ve pretty much wrapped things up in our 4-acre Trials Garden.  Once the crops are harvested, the cover crops planted and the fields cleaned up, it’s time to sit down to compile trials reports on all of the varieties we evaluated over the course of the season, drawing conclusions...
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  4. Trials Program Conclusions - Organic Beans!

    (Top Row) Provider, Bronco, Strike, Jade, Tavera, Maxibel (Bottom Row) Pension, Dragon Lingerie, Royal Burgundy We’ve been working on compiling the results of our 45 variety trials that were conducted at our 4-acre Trials Garden in Wolcott, Vermont.  The results are interesting – sometimes surprising – and always fun in terms of identifying standout varieties for future introduction to the...
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  5. Organic Beans Taste Testing!

    Every Wednesday, we take turns making or buying snack for everyone and have an all-employee shin-dig. Last week, Jessie and Krista from the trials crew brought in a few beautiful blueberry pies – but they were off-limits until everyone had diligently completed the bean taste test! 23 varieties, both raw and cooked, received ratings on flavor and texture, as well...
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  6. Over-Wintering Greens in our new Hoop House

    Background Here in Northern Vermont the average grower has to wait until mid-to-late May to direct seed their spinach, with a harvest that will be anywhere from 3-5 weeks later – pretty close to mid-to-late June. Who wants to wait that long for fresh spinach? We know that we don’t, so last fall we joined a growing number of northern...
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