We here at High Mowing Organic Seeds are proud to announce that our partner and third-party verification organization, The Non-GMO Project, recently received Consumer Reports’ highest ranking for meaningfulness on its Non-GMO Project Verified seal.

In April 2017, a report by Consumer Reports’ Greener Choices categorized the Non-GMO Project Verified seal as “a highly meaningful label for consumers wishing to avoid GMOs in the foods they buy.”

This report examined several aspects of the Non-GMO Project Verified label including integrity of standards, consistency of meaning, the label’s development process, and transparency. Greener Choices determined that The Project’s verification standards are consistent and publicly available, and therefore consider the seal one of the most meaningful labels for consumers seeking non-GMO foods.

As many of you know, our founder Tom Stearns was an original author of the Safe Seed Pledge, a promise made by forward-thinking seed companies to avoid buying or selling any genetically engineered seeds or plants. We are excited that since the inception of the Safe Seed Pledge in 1999, over 370 seed companies have become co-signers.

Corn is one of the crops with the highest risk of GMO contamination.

For over twenty years, High Mowing has continued to raise the bar. Our steadfast commitment to certified organic, and therefore non-GMO, seeds reflects the strong convictions of organic growers. Together with our supporters, we have elevated the conversation, advanced the definition of integrity, and helped raise awareness for the importance of safe seed.

So, why should you care about the Non-GMO Project Verified seal if you already choose to buy certified organic? Significant GMO cross-pollination risks remain for organic agriculture. Without industry standards for maximum permissible contamination levels, it became clear to us that we could risk selling seeds that tested positive for GMOs, compromising our commitment to safe seed and affecting our world’s vulnerable seed stock.

We began working with the Non-GMO Project in 2008 to establish standards for seeds. We partnered with the Non-GMO Project because they are an independent testing body that we felt families could trust to inform them about GMOs. In 2014, we proudly announced our Non-GMO Project Verification, becoming the first seed company in the country to offer a product line of 100% certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified seeds.

Isolation cages in the seed production fields at High Mowing.

The regulations that we helped craft hold us to the highest possible standards for mitigating GMO contamination through careful isolation of our seed crops and, when applicable, genetic testing. Even for certified organic producers, non-GMO verification by a third party organization helps us keep our promise to consumers. To read more about our decision to seek verification in addition to our existing organic certification, click here.

We believe everything starts with a seed. Our organic certification holds us to standards that have gone through a development process lasting several decades, both before and after there were federal certification standards. Like any metric for integrity, they require regular review for updating. Similarly, we believe that non-GMO verification will go through stages of evolution as the years progress and as seed production technologies continue to advance.

We are delighted by the recognition that the Non-GMO Project has received from Consumer Reports, and we will continue to work with them, and with everyone who is committed to improving the sustainability, health, abundance and safety of our food for generations to come.


Thank you for supporting High Mowing Organic Seeds and the Non-GMO Project.