Did you know that certain lettuce varieties are more suited towards growing in cooler temps, such as early spring and late fall, and certain varieties can tolerate heat better?

Now's the time to start (or just think about for all of you in colder climates) your spring planting of lettuce! 

And now is also the time to start making a cold frame to grow all that lettuce in! There's plenty of plans on the internet - here's one site that has several: Instructables - How to Make a Cold Frame.

We carry the following organic lettuce varieties that do well in cool weather:

Organic Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

Organic Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce – Easy to grow and quick to mature! Grand Rapids type with light green color and tender leaves. Quickly produces a full-sized, bright green open head with slightly crinkled leaves. Withstands heat, drought, and light frost. A highly adaptable lettuce for plantings throughout the season. Popular baby leaf variety for a bright green contrast to mixes. Days to maturity:28 days baby, 45 full size



Organic Rouge De Hiver Lettuce

Organic Rouge De Hiver Lettuce - HEIRLOOM Commonly used as a baby leaf variety, but also makes a stunning full-size head. Color varies from a reddish-bronze to deep red on tips and dark green bases. As its name “Red of Winter” implies, this variety does particularly well in the cool conditions of the spring & fall. Frost tolerant. Days to maturity:28 days baby, 60 full size



Organic New Red Fire Lettuce

Organic New Red Fire Lettuce - Popular choice among growers for its uniformity, color and excellent resistance to bolting and disease. Large, loose heads are greenish at the base and dark red at the ruffled leaf edges. It is suitable both for cool and warm conditions and retains its crisp fresh flavor throughout the season. Days to maturity:55 days full size



Organic Waldmann's Lettuce

Organic Waldmann's Lettuce - A dark green Grand Rapids type that is a commercial standard for green leaf lettuce. Large leaves on loose, open heads are slightly savoyed and wavy. Very uniform and productive. Best for spring sowings with medium to slow bolting. Tolerant to tip burn. Requires cool temperature and shallow planting for best germination results. Days to maturity:28 days baby, 49 full size



Organic Winter Density Lettuce

Organic Winter Density Lettuce - Heat and frost tolerant for an all season selection. Winter Density has dark green leaves and heads averaging 9-10” tall. Heads are tightly folded and rounded in when mature and sit high on the stem. Texture is a cross between a butterhead and a romaine with good flavor throughout the season. Requires cool temperature for germination. Days to maturity:28 days baby, 55 full size



Organic Kweik Lettuce

Organic Kweik Lettuce - A “kweik”-heading, medium sized, lime-green butter type especially suited to cool season crops or unheated winter greenhouse culture. It has a strong tendency to bolt in the long days of summer. Days to maturity:50 days full size