This time of the season, gardeners are focused on keeping their plants happy and healthy. We know you want to have the greatest chance of success with your organic seeds from High Mowing, so we’ve collected some of our favorite resources for identifying common garden diseases:

For a general overview of plant health and some principles of organic disease control, check out our blog about demystifying common garden diseases. We’ve also got some great articles that take a deep-dive on specific diseases, including downy mildew and late blight.

While you’re there, consider reading up on abiotic plant disorders, which are not technically diseases but may appear as such when they are affecting your plants. Swift diagnosis and mitigation can be an easy to fix to get your plants back on the right course.

Our friends at Gardener’s Supply Company also have a thorough pest & disease directory for gardeners, where you can brush up on everything from septoria leaf spot to black rot.

Finally, the Old Farmer’s Almanac has a few in-depth articles about common plant diseases that both novice and veteran growers will find useful.

No pest or disease issues in your garden yet? There’s still plenty to do in the garden! The Old Farmer’s Almanac also has a nifty search engine for finding gardening tasks by month and zip code. Search for your customized gardening tasks here.