Plant now for your Fall Garden!
Most every gardener has probably harvested at least something from their garden at this point in the summer...  but don't let that beautiful bounty fool you! It will come to an end...  unless you plant a Fall Garden!  There is hope for extended harvests! A good portion of the United States has conditions favorable for a fantastic fall vegetable garden. You just need to plan ahead, and plant NOW (or close to now)!  We've put together a collection of links to Fall Planting Guides for as many states as we could find. If you don't find your state on this list, and you know of a Fall Planting Guide for your area, please send us the link and we'll post it here. If your state isn't listed here and you'd still like a Fall Garden, you can do the legwork on your own. Determine when your first frost date is, see how many days you have remaining until that first frost date, and determine if the varieties you are interested in planting will mature within the time left before the first frost.  Keep in mind, however, that when you plant in mid-to-late summer, day length and temperatures are different than when planting in the spring, so check your planting info carefully for these factors. There are also many season extenders that will help you push that frost date back a bit, which we will describe in a later article. A few other articles of interest: What to Plant Now? - A month-by-month regional guide from Mother Earth News Filling Out Your Fall Garden - An article by GrowVeg's Barbara Pleasant about soil temperature and how it affects germination - with vegetable recommendations for different soil temperatures. Very helpful as you're planning your Fall Garden. Please note: sometimes you may have to scroll through several pages of a guide before you find the charts that list specific planting dates. Northeast South Midwest West Very North Very South
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