Kate & Joe | Chatham, Michigan

High Mowing Customer Since: 2018

The Stats

3/4 acre

2 growing seasons in Chatham

4 points of distribution (farmers markets, CSA, grocery stores and restaurants)

15-30 average number of different vegetables CSA members choose from weekly

100% certified organic by MOSA

The People

"We chose the name Mighty Soil Farm because we believe that growing the healthiest, most nutritious vegetables begins with cultivating a living, thriving soil. We employ methods to improve plant immunity by providing each plant with the nutrients and care that they need. This begins with the soil. From healthy soil comes healthy plants; from healthy plants come healthy people; from healthy people comes a thriving community.

We are certainly still in the beginning farmer category, but we’re currently working on taking things as they come, and not putting too much stock into any single success or failure. It’s easy to get caught up in one mistake that can seem all encompassing, but you have to be able to take a step back, learn from your experiences, take notes so you actually remember those experiences in a week or year, and move on."

The Product

"We grow arugula throughout the season and we love Esmee. It has an excellent flavor, spicy but not overpowering. It grows vigorously and reliably and it is not too delicate for bunching. We seed arugula in the propagation house and transplant it every two weeks to ensure a good stand and continual harvest. We let it get a little bigger than baby, and then bunch it. We’re always looking for ways to avoid more plastic packaging so being able to bunch instead of bag makes a difference. The flavor is excellent, no matter the size, and customers and chefs love it."

Learn more about Mighty Soil Farm here.