As we prepare for the launch of our new 2021 seed catalog highlighting 54 new and exciting, organic varieties, we’ve gotten a few questions about when to buy seed for optimal quality and freshness. While it may seem like a new seed catalog and new growing season would mean all new seed in the warehouse, it’s not that simple.  

We Pack New Seed All Year Long 

We are packing seed that we have in inventory that has cleared our Quality Control Department every day of the year. As new seed productions come in, they are moved through our Quality Control process and then packed and shipped to our growers. We are continually testing lots and no seed leaves our warehouse that is not viable to plant during the current season or in the following season, when it will be sown by our growers. 

We Bring in Multi Year Supplies 

Many varieties that we contract are grown at an amount that gives us a multi-year supply. We are bringing in seed from vendors throughout the year who are also producing seed at a level that meets a two to three-year (or more) projection. Our climate-controlled storage facilities ensure that these precious seeds maintain quality while they are in our care. Our dedicated Quality Control team tests seed for germination to help ensure that our growers will have success working with our seed, all year long. 

OOS Seed Requires New Productions 

There are varieties that are currently out of stock, that are waiting on new productions. This means that we have sold through the seed in our warehouse and new seed will be brought in, tested and then packed for shipment to our growers. 

All Our Available Seed Is Viable for Planting 

In short, the seed that we have in the warehouse now is viable and should bring you success now or in the 2021 growing season. There is no actual time of year when the “new” seed comes in and replace the “old” seed, as this is a continual process of updating and depleting of inventory, evolving every day. When you place your seed order with us, no matter what season it may be, you can rest assured that you are getting viable, high quality seed that has been cared for and tested for performance. 

We Are Bringing in More Seed 

Currently, we are being very proactive in the amount of seed that we are bringing in as a response to the seed shortages and delays we experienced at the beginning of 2020. We are adding storage space now and bringing in more seed overall to reduce any transportation issues that may come up as the winter season unfolds. We are packing more seed earlier than ever before as a way of taking pressure off the Seed Packing team in the height of our sales season. We have also built the network for second shifts and have trained existing staff to be in lead positions when we need to move to two shifts, to ensure timely packing and delivery of ordered seed. 

New Varieties Will be Available on Our Website in Early November

Our exciting new varieties will be available for purchase from our website starting in early November. When we update our website with these new varieties, we will also have updated availability information on all of our current organic, Non-GMO project varieties.