The future home of High Mowing Organic Seeds

We are pleased to announce that High Mowing has purchased a farm property! The land we've purchased is in Hyde Park, Vermont, and will serve as our permanent home. High Mowing has relied primarily on leased land and buildings in the Wolcott, Vermont area over the past twenty years, and that has allowed us a measure of flexibility as our business has grown.

The new property presents exciting potential for a permanent headquarters, allows for expanded production of organic seeds, and gives us the freedom to customize with a view to the longer-term needs of the company. High Mowing has been conducting an exhaustive search for a suitable "home base" for several years, and finalizing the sale represents both the end of that process and the beginning of many new ones.

The property High Mowing has acquired is a 250-acre parcel that has been owned by our friends and neighbors the Clark family for over 50 years. The family has been operating a certified organic livestock business, Applecheek Farm, on the property and will continue to graze their animals on the farm and their adjacent land for the foreseeable future. High Mowing is pleased to work with the Clark family to support the success of both businesses, and is grateful for the opportunity to build a permanent home in a location with such tremendous resources in terms of agricultural land and natural beauty. The Clarks have been excellent stewards of the property, using only inputs suitable for certified organic production and focusing on farming techniques that maintain soil health. The farm also satisfies the other essential qualification of being near our existing warehouse, facilities and employees, ensuring that a smooth transition can take place over the next few years.

High Mowing is committed to taking a slow and thoughtful approach to our move and use of this farm. In the meantime High Mowing will continue to utilize most of the land and buildings that have served us so well for several years to come. The site offers two tremendously valuable attributes for seed production – its relative isolation from other farms makes it excellent for preserving genetic integrity, while the steady breeze discourages plant diseases, one of the biggest challenges of growing seed in this climate. During our transition we are extremely grateful to the Clarks, our customers, and our community for supporting us as we grow and move forward.

Fall foliage over the farm barn

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