"Gardening is a realistic depiction of life and it's seasons. The highs, the lows, the harvests, the pests.... It teaches you patience and highlights that you don't have complete control over very much. You can prune, fertilize and water a plant consistently for months and still have to pull it out with no harvest if it doesn't work out- and that's fine! It's just life. ⁠

Another plant will grow and bloom if you try again and put that seed to soil. This makes me hopeful for the 2021 growing season, both in and out of the garden. If we just keep at it, we'll all be okay!" - Kame Tseja growing in Atlanta, Georgia


Sowing the Seeds of Hope

Through the challenges of 2020 and 2021, the intersectional nature of community has been highlighted: how we each have a role to play and some magic to make, to keep us growing, adaptive and resilient. Moments of hardship will always reveal the injustices and the work left to be done. They simultaneously catalyze the very people that can provide the skills and courage necessary to bring about change, into action. 

These people are seeds and their work in this world is essential. We recognize the hope they plant, harvest and share. We see how the hero in each of us blooms when resources, community support and access are equally distributed. As we mourn those we’ve lost and reconcile the evolving challenges ahead, we have been tasked to plant our own seeds of hope and to share the bounty at harvest.

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