High Mowing's 2018 organic seed catalog is on its way to growers! We expect catalogs to start arriving in mailboxes the week before Thanksgiving. Here's a quick guide on how to use our seed catalog when it arrives. (You can also request a FREE catalog if you haven't already, by clicking here.)

Get to Know Us

High Mowing’s seed catalog is not like others you might find. We consider it a part of our mission to educate growers about why we do what we do. Our annual seed catalog is a great resource for growers to not only get to know what we offer, but to get to know us.

In the pages of this year’s seed catalog, you will find a handful of stories about High Mowing Organic Seeds. You will find the words of our staff members sprinkled throughout, explaining their dedication to the work that we do. You will find our hearts, and our passion, and we hope you may even find a bit of yourself in these pages.

We encourage you to read carefully, and find out what High Mowing Organic Seeds is all about. We hope you’ll want to support us in our endeavors, and give us feedback so we can better support you in yours.

Our Varieties

Our catalog pages are organized alphabetically by crop type, starting with Artichoke and ending with Watermelon. Herbs, Flowers and Cover Crops are the last categories and are listed in that order at the end of the catalog. An index for all crop types and pages can be found on the very last page of the catalog.

Each of our catalog pages is organized by crop type, subcategory (if applicable) and then by variety in order of days to maturity. Here’s what you’ll find in each of our variety listings:

Our Resources

Each crop category page includes resources for growers including CULTURAL INFO, DISEASE & PESTS, RESISTANCE KEYS and SEED SPECS. This information is always listed at the beginning of the crop category. More information in any of these categories can be found on the web by visiting individual product pages. (Scroll to the bottom and open the drop down arrows for “Growing Information” or “Seed Specifications.”) We also include a useful PLANTING CHART at the very back of the catalog that can be used as a quick informational reference for all the crop types we offer.

CULTURAL INFO lists helpful background information about the crop category including whether seeds should be direct sown or propagated for transplants; optimal soil temperature for germination; soil pH preference; and ideal conditions for storage.

DISEASE & PESTS includes information about some of the most common diseases and pests that affect the crop category, and suggestions for production practices to help prevent and/or mitigate these pressures.

RESISTANCE KEYS list some of the common diseases associated with the crop type. Each disease has a 2-3 letter code associated with it. If a variety holds a full resistance to any of these diseases, the code can be found in the variety features line within the variety listing.

SEED SPECS are the specifications for each seed type in a given crop category. These specifications include two pieces of useful information:

The first is the average number of seeds per ounce (or, in some cases, seeds per pound). This information is useful for seeds that are sold by weight, so you can calculate approximately how many seeds come in the various sizes. If the seeds are sold by weight, the average number of seeds in the smallest unit available is listed in bold in the Seed Specs section.

The second is recommended seeding rates for each crop category and subcategory, if applicable. Seeding rates are based on row feet (seeds/ft) – users should scale up or down based on production system. When direct seeding and transplanting are both options for a crop type, both rates will be listed. When only one is recommended, only one will be listed.

The PLANTING CHART can be found at the back of the catalog on page 111 and includes useful information like average seeds per unit, recommended plant spacing, seeding depth, soil temperature for germination and timelines on when to plant. This chart is also available online – click here to access.

Our Price Charts

Each crop category has a price chart associated with it, located on the last page of the crop section. Varieties are listed as either OPEN-POLLINATED or HYBRID types, and then listed as either SOLD BY SEED COUNT or SOLD BY SEED WEIGHT. Varieties are in alphabetical order by name in the price charts.

Larger volumes than those listed in the catalog price charts can be arranged upon request; please call 866-735-4454 for pricing.

Shipping Prices: We offer free standard shipping on orders over $10. Specialty shipping charges and our shipping policy for Canada and U.S. Territories can be found on our website.

Our Order Options

There are four easy ways to order from High Mowing Organic Seeds.

  1. Call us: 866-735-4454 (toll free). Our office hours are 8 AM – 6 PM EST, Monday through Friday, with extended Saturday hours 9 AM – 5 PM January through April.
  2. Order online:  highmowingseeds.com
  3. Fax an order form (pg. 55): 802-472-3201
  4. Mail an order form (pg. 55): High Mowing Organic Seeds, 76 Quarry Road, Wolcott, VT 05680

Our Payment Options

Mail orders can be paid for by check, money order or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express). Fax, phone and web orders can be paid for by credit card.