Dear Growers,  

Our hearts are warmed to see how many of you are turning to seeds and growing as a response to COVID-19. It is clear that people are ready and eager to provide for their families and neighbors during these uncertain times. Because of record-breaking order volumes we have made some tough decisions. As of April 11th we are not accepting new orders from home gardeners until April 28thand are currently only accepting commercial farmer or seed rack orders via email or phone. We are not accepting orders on our website during this time.  

We want to be clear that this pause does not represent a lack of care for home gardeners. This pause is meant to help us rework our processes and make necessary changes so that we can effectively and accurately communicate what we have in stock and when growers can expect to receive their seeds. In the meantime, we encourage gardeners to reach out to their local farm and garden retailers to try and source our seeds from the local businesses that carry them. Please find a list of these retailers here. 

This change means a few things for growers:   

  • All orders placed prior to April 11, 2020 will be fulfilled and shipped.  Home gardener orders placed before April 11, 2020 can expect a 14-20 day turnaround time while commercial growers and seed rack retailers can expect turnaround in 5-7 days. Any items that go out of stock as orders are filled will be refunded and notification of such will be sent as soon as possible.
  • We are continuing to accept commercial farmer and seed rack orders. This is an effort to support and preserve the economic viability of local businesses that feed communities and rely on our seeds to sustain their livelihoods. 
  • Commercial farmers can place orders by contacting their regional sales representative directly.Please visit our staff directory page for contact information.  
  • Seed Rack customers can place orders by contacting their Sales Representative. Please visit our staff directory page for contact information. 
  • We are not taking new orders from home gardenerat this time. This is temporary and will allow us to catch up so that we may continue to ship seeds to all growers this season. 
  • You may receive multiple shipments. To get seed out the door as quickly as possible to meet the timing requirements of the season, seed that is in stock will ship ahead of items that need to be packed or are backordered.  
  • We have added shifts to accelerate the turnaround time for all orders.  We have added an additional shift to our packing and fulfillment departments. We expect that with these additions, we will be able to accelerate filling existing orders and reopen our selection of organic seeds to all growers on April 28. 

As you navigate the ever-evolving challenges presented by COVID-19, we send you our gratitude for your commitment to growing, whether you are growing for your region or at home for the ones you love. We will continue to do our part to help ensure you have the tools you need for success this season and we appreciate your patience as we continue to adapt.   

Wishing you good health,   

The Team at High Mowing