Nels' HashbrownsI am a man with steak and champagne desires but endure a potato and Pabst Blue Ribbon reality.  I was lying around my house one morning desperately in need of a breakfast steak and only had a sack of HMS grown All Blue potatoes.  My imagination took hold.  I love the All Blue potato.  When cut open the vibrant deep blue takes me back home to the blue Puget Sound waters on a clear, late summer afternoon and when hashbrown-ed and cooked they resemble long grey skies of mild Washington winter.  Perhaps these are hashgreys and not hashbrowns.

To create this enemy of hunger you need:

4 midsize All Blue potatoes
pinch of salt
1 large egg
drizzle of olive oil
3 shakes of Worcestershire sauce
3 generous shakes of onion powder
1 teaspoon of Montreal steak seasoning, or as much as you like
½ teaspoon of Chimayo red chile powder
3 large cloves of garlic
optional:  ⅓ cup of diced smoked ham

Grate potatoes into a mixing bowl with a cheese grater.  Add the pinch of salt.  Let grated potatoes sit for 5 minutes.

With your hand squeeze the water from the grated potatoes.

To mixing bowl add the egg, Worcestershire sauce, onion powder, Montreal steak seasoning, and the Chimayo red chile powder.  Peel and crush garlic with the broad side of a knife, chop garlic and add it to the mixing bowl.  If desired, add some smoked ham to the mix.

With a large mixing spoon, stir mixture until it is nicely incorporated.

Heat a flat skillet; add butter when skillet is hot.  Grab a handful of potato mix. Squeeze out any excess moisture.  Pat the potato mixture flat on your hand and then throw on the skillet.  Let the hashbrown cook for 4 to 5 minutes (be careful, nobody likes hashblacks), flip and cook for another 4-5 minutes.  Serve hot!

These hashbrowns perform best with a fried egg on top, in an omelet, and smothered in country gravy.  They are also a constituent ingredient in the Nels Daniel Lund Hunger Slayer Breakfast Sandwich.