Everyone has a favorite. Read on for top picks from our veggie-loving staff who grow these varieties year after year:

"My family's favorite companion planting is Italian Largeleaf basil with Peacevine cherry tomatoes - I can't help but pick one of each and eat them simultaneously. The flavor! I also sprinkle Dolciva carrots in a circle around each tomato plant's roots to help boost the fruit's growth." --Heather, Quality Control



"Costata Romanesco - I have never found such a tasty zucchini! The plants are always prolific with firm fruit that have such a great, nutty flavor to them. I also love them for how they hold, they can be huge and still be firm and flavorful." --Ada, Sales



"I've had great success with the Alaska Mix and Nasturtium Blend nasturtiums. Big, healthy plants with prolific blooms which looked great and added a spicy, colorful lift to salads. I'm counting the days until seed starting begins again!" --Fiona, Ecommerce



"San Marzano paste tomato is hands-down my favorite for making pizza and pasta sauces. I don't feel good going into winter unless I've got a few gallons of homemade sauce, canned and on my pantry shelf." --Matt, Marketing



"Zohar F1 sunflowers are long lasting single stem blooms that will brighten any table without shedding pollen. Spaced a foot apart in beds, they produce lovely 6" heads that don't droop and will hold well for up to two weeks after harvest! A win-win for sunflower lovers." -Sara, Customer Service



"My favorite table centerpiece in the summer is our potted Greek basil plant. Fragrant and vibrant all at once, I keep it in the kitchen for when I need an extra pinch of basil or a garnish for a finishing touch. It grows quickly and I can keep harvesting it through the fall." --Maggie, Marketing


"We were really happy with the new Esmee arugula on our farm this past year. It has really nice loft in a bag in comparison to some other varieties, and looks great in a mix as well." --Megen, Customer Service



"You can't beat the flavor of Arava F1 melon, especially on a hot day after working in the field or garden for several hours. Juicy and sweet without being overly sugary - delicious." --Maggie, Marketing



"I wait all summer for the beautiful Owl's Eye F1 pumpkins to decorate our porch in the fall. The name perfectly evokes the striking yellow that stands out as a unique autumn decoration. Our kids carve their names into the fruits and watch their name grow along with the pumpkins!" --Andrea, Sales & Marketing



"The Gold Rush Yellow Wax bean is prolific and  delicious. Lightly steamed with just a little butter and salt, and I've got a great center piece for dinner." --Tom, General Manager



"I love using the fragrant, miniature bulbs of Florence fennel for a special appetizer at summer gatherings. I separate the greens from the bulbs and use them as a component in flower arrangements, too." --Sarah, Graphic Design



"I love the production that comes from the French Fingerling potato. Even though they run a little larger than a typical fingerling, which makes them easier to harvest, they still have the same waxy texture that sets fingerlings apart as a class." --Paul, Sales



Antigua Bush Beans “Antigua is easy to grow and great in a contained space. Their flavor is very good, the pods are not tough or stringy, and they’re versatile enough to be eaten raw or cooked. Best of all, the kids eat them!” –Fiona, Ecommerce




Oranos F1 Sweet Pepper “One of my farm’s all-time favorites. The flavor is incredible, the color is vibrant, and the plants are very productive and uniform.” –Megen, Customer Service




Caraflex F1 Cabbage “So simple yet delightful chopped in raw ribbons and tossed with good olive oil, salt and pepper. Even better split in half to highlight the great shape (open like a heart); grilled and drizzled with spicy cilantro lime vinaigrette!”  –Laura, Commercial Grower Sales



Watermelon Radish “Crisp, sweet, and juicy even after several months of storage. A winner with our kiddos!” –Megen, Customer Service




Cascadia Snap Pea “This pea seems to be everyone’s favorite. We have had great success sowing every 2-3 weeks, starting as soon as we can get in the ground until the first week in July. Customers appreciate having them into the fall!” –Sara, Customer Service




Orange Picnic Peppers “The High Mowing picnic peppers are so crunchy and sweet, and they freeze extremely well.” –Taylor, Trials




Music Garlic “Strong and vigorous. The yields from Music are tremendous! My customers were raving and kept coming back for more.” –Megen, Customer Service




Darkibor F1 Kale “An absolute workhorse kale with long season, high yields of dark green curled leaves with excellent cold tolerance.” –Laura, Commercial Grower Sales




All Red Potato “One of the most outstanding successes on our farm. The vigor and yields are unsurpassed by any other potato we grow!” –Megen, Customer Service




Breen Lettuce “There are so many things I like about Breen: super easy to grow, perfect little vase shape that feeds two people with no waste. The leaves are gorgeous with great texture and flavor.” –Laura Commercial Grower Sales



Encino Lettuce “I love everything about Encino. I plant it out through the whole season and am able to harvest it every week. It has amazing resistance to bottom rot, which is so important because this type of lettuce sits flat on the ground.” –Paul, Commercial Grower Sales




Napoli Carrot “Strong tops allow me to offer bunched carrots all the way up until the end of the season. It does well as a baby planted a little heavier in the spring.”  –Paul, Commercial Grower Sales




Sacred Basil “Irresistible to bees and other insects, this basil is also amazing as a tea or cordial. I pinch flowers off while the plants are sizing up and that stimulates many more side shoots to flower.” –Stephen, Production Farm



Caiman F1 Tomato “I count on this tomato for my heated greenhouse. The fruits are firm enough to transport without being tough. The flavor is really nice and I'm able to sell every one I pick.” –Paul, Commercial Grower Sales



Red Carpet Onion “Why? The flavor. Sweet enough to slice and add directly to sandwiches or burgers. Juicy, sweet with just a hint of bite.”  -Tom Furber, General Manager




Triunfo F1 Jalapeño Pepper “High quality fruit and excellent yields. Triunfo is a great variety for a commercial grower looking for an abundant harvest, or for a home gardener that has room for just a few plants.” –Paul, Commercial Grower Sales



Goldie Ground Cherry “Every time I go to my garden I make a bee-line to my Goldie Ground Cherries and eat every single one I can find! Goldies are prolific and so easy to grow. If you’re looking for something fun and new for the garden this is it!” –Molly, Sales & Customer Service



Walla Walla Onion “My farmers’ market customers ask for this one by name. High Mowing’s improved strain is consistent, disease-resistant and productive, earning it a spot on my farm every year.” –Sara, Customer Service



Italian Flat Leaf Parsley “This is the classic Italian parsley, great for adding a little extra flavor to any number of dishes.” –Molly, Seed Production Farm




Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach “This gorgeous heirloom is beautifully savoyed and super cold hardy. Sow some in a greenhouse in the fall and you’ll have spinach all winter!” -Ada, Sales