It’s that time of year again, the release of our 2021 catalog is just around the corner and we wanted to share a little preview of what you can expect when it arrives at your doorstep this month.

54 New Varieties 

From our trials field evaluations, we have selected some excellent, organic and non-GMO verified varieties for your gardens and farms. These new adds are productive, visually appealing and adapted specifically for organic production. 


Celine Snap Bush Bean    

Vibrant, dark to light purple wax beans with contrasting yellow interior.

Tasty and juicy beans with a strikingly bright, magenta color.These are the first purple wax beans on the market. Plants are healthy producers of uniform beans on robust, bush habit plants. Incredible as a stand-alone bean variety or mixed with other colors for specialty appeal.


Brocanto F1 Sweet Pepper      

Sturdy, tall plants with excellent disease resistance, abundantly producing blocky, yellow fruits.

Plants are resilient, performing well in the field or high tunnel with exceptional leaf coverage. Best yellow bell to replace Catriona F1 we?ve seen. High yields of medium-large to large fruits make this variety ideal for commercial production.


Bellevue Pelleted Lettuce

Glowing red oak leaves emerging from a bright green core for mini or full-size head production.

Bronzed, maroon leaves hold well in the field and are resistant to bolting during variable weather for all season production. Plants are densely packed with eye-catching leaves, bringing loft to salad mixes when cut as mini or full-sized heads. Texture is buttery but durable enough for washing and spinning


And 51 more! Browse our 54 new for 2021, Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified adds today!


Stories of Resilience 

2020 was challenging. We individually faced many personal difficulties as we isolated, sheltered in place and social distanced from our family and friends. Our food system along with many other key societal structures were tested and many inequities, disconnections and injustices were revealed along the way. Many people planted seeds for the first time while growers in all regions of North America adapted their operations to meet the growing demand local food.  

In our catalog pages we share stories of some individuals that used their skills, their personal power and their faith in humanity to overcome, to innovate and to keep hope that the future could still be turned into something bright if we all did our part to see it through. 

“One thing I have been noticing this season is how some of our customers are buying our vegetables to ‘gift’ to their friends and neighbors. This reminded me of how my grandfather, who lives in a rural part of Japan, often comes home to a basket of vegetables sitting in front of his front door. I think these acts of kindness are the building blocks of a community and help to ensure everybody is getting what they need. What better way to strengthen these connections than to share delicious vegetables?” 


New Apparel 

It’s always a good time to show off your organic seed love through rocking some High Mowing Organic Seeds style. For all the foodies, farmers, gardeners and seedsters in your life, High Mowing has got some fashionable farmwear to compliment that green thumb lifestyle. 


High Mowing Tote Bag    

100% certified organic cotton canvas tote bag with High Mowing logo.


25th Anniversary T-Shirt

Celebrate our 25th Anniversary with us by sporting our 100% certified organic, 25th Anniversary shirt. We wouldn't have made it this far without you! Logo is printed using water-based inks and made in the USA. Men's tees are standard fit, and women's tees are slightly fitted.


Victorinox Knife Sheath 

The Victorinox Nylon Knife Sheath accommodates the HMOS harvest knife with a blade up to 3.25 inches in length. Meant to slide onto a belt or pocket and is perfect for storing your knife during long harvest days.


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