This year High Mowing Organic Seeds will have a plot dedicated to some of our best varieties as part of the Bejo Seeds Field Day in Geneva, NY. Bejo Seeds has been able to supply High Mowing with some of our leading varieties in cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onions and more. They have been a key player in providing seed for high quality organic varieties and are dedicated to breeding for organic systems. Through our partnership at the Bejo Seeds Field Day we hope to be able to show our customers how some of our best varieties perform in western NY. If you are interested in learning more information or attending the field day call Bejo Seeds at 315-789-4155, or read the below press release from Bejo.

PUBLIC FIELD DAY at BEJO SEEDS, August 30 and 31

BEJO SEEDS will host their annual FIELD DAYS at their Research and Demonstration Farm on the intersection of Pre-Emption Road and Healey Road in Geneva, NY on August 30 and 31, starting at 10 am. The Field Days will feature a wide selection of vegetables for Northeastern Vegetable Growers, from Aspargus to Zucchini and everything in between, in both conventional and organic seed.

The focus in the Home and Market Garden is on specialty vegetables, such as fennel, endive, leek, radish, Chinese cabbage, colored carrots, tomatoes, parsley, onions, shallots, and much, much more. The commercial trials feature larger plantings of various crops to reflect the growing conditions in large commercial fields. Here, visitors can walk into the plots and cut produce at will to judge uniformity and productivity of the varieties on display.

BEJO staff will explain the advantages and culinary characteristics of the featured varieties, and are available to provide growing tips and marketing advice. Visitors are encouraged to experience the vegetables by handling, cutting, smelling and tasting them, and taking some for experimenting at home.

Several seed dealers will participate in the Field Days. SEEDWAY, Johnny’s Selected Seeds and High Mowing Seeds will be present to demonstrate the best of the BEJO assortment and some of their own varieties. Other beds will feature comparison plantings that highlight the differences between Open Pollinated and Hybrid varieties.

Several plantings of cover crops for vegetable growers will be included in the demonstration gardens, and representatives will be available to advise visitors about the advantages of the various cover crops.

Equipment demonstrations include the use of small scale equipment, such as rotary harrows, spaders, and small tractor-mounted seeders and several types of single row push-seeders.

A light lunch and refreshments will be served on August 30.
For more information, driving directions and to reserve a spot for lunch call BEJO SEEDS at 315-789-4155.