With just one month of summer left until the first day of fall, there's still time to get some quick growing crops in the ground for autumn and early winter harvests.  Here at High Mowing, we offer a great selection of speedy greens and roots that can fill the garden out even as the days get shorter and the temps head towards freezing.  Below is a list of some of our quickest fall crops with plenty of beauty and flavor to keep the market table popping and the kitchen table fresh.

For some specific planting tips based on region, check out our article, What to Plant for Fall and Winter Harvest.


Radishes are one of the quickest turn around crops in the field and there are so many unique, beautiful varieties to choose from.  In many cases, radishes can be harvested in less than 30 days and when young, radish leaves are a delicious green to eat.  In the Southern climes, radishes can be grown well into the winter using floating row cover.

30 Days or Less

Purple Plum - 25 Days

Cherry belle - 25 Days

Pearl Radish - 25 Days

French Breakfast - 26 Days

White Icicle - 27 Days

Ostergruss - 30  Days

50 Days or Less

Schwarzer Runder Radish - 50 Days

Daikon Radish - 50 Days

Asian Greens

Asian greens are tender, nutrient-packed leafy vegetables in the brassica family.  Their light textured stems and delicate greens are best cooked quickly and most commonly stir-fried, steamed, blanched in boiling water, or eaten raw.  These greens are edible at any stage and greens harvested baby make for beautiful salads with deep, savory flavors.

25 Days or Less

Garnet Giant - 21 Days Baby

Golden Frill Mustards - 21 Days Baby

Mizuna Asian Greens - 21 Days Baby

Purple Osaka Mustard Greens - 21 Days Baby

Red Giant Mustard Greens - 23 Days Baby

50 Days or Less

Shanghai Green Pac Choy - 45 Days

Tat Soi Asian Greens - 45 Days

Tokyo Bekana Asian Greens - 50 Days

Prize Choy Pac Choy - 50 Days

Salad Greens

Salad greens are a great quick fall crop to incorporate into your growing system for their ease and reliability.  This value added product is great for market or for gourmet greens at the dinner table.  They can be direct sown, typically germinate easily, and can be cut at most any size.  At High Mowing, we have put together some blends of lettuces and other greens that have great texture and color variety.  Whether you're looking for a beautiful, delicate lettuce blend or a savory, spicy mustard mix, we've got variety combinations to appease every palette.

30 Days or Less

Gemstone Greens Blend - 21 Days

Hot Shot Mix - 21 Days

DMR Salad Blend - 28 Days

Yankee Hardy Salad Mix - 28 Days

Mesclun Mix - 28 Days

Red Planet Lettuce Blend - 28 Days

Ironman Kale Mix - 30 Days

40 Days or Less

Braising Mix - 35 Days

Beta Blend - 40 Days

Specialty Greens

Specialty greens are quick growing greens with unique characteristics.  Whether they have a special texture, growth habit, or flavor, they bring something different to the table when harvested in fall.  While you may have heard of Arugula, this category also encompasses some less familiar but equally compelling varieties of greens that bring powerful flavors to the dinner plate.  These greens are gaining in popularity as individuals seek out new and unusual vegetables for their health benefits and unique tastes.

25 Days or Less

Astro Arugula - 21 Days Baby

Esmee Arugula - 21 Days Baby

Hong Vit Radish Greens - 25 Days Baby

50 Days or Less

Frisee Endive - 35 Days Baby

Early Wonder Tall Top Beet - 45 Days

Golden Purslane - 50 Days

Sylvetta Wild Arugula - 50 Days

Belle Isle Cress - 50 Days

Vit Mache - 50 Days


Kale has become a staple for vegetable lovers for its nutritional attributes, such as containing high levels of Vitamin A, C, and K, and for its versatility in the kitchen.  Kale can be eaten raw or cooked in most every fashion and baby kale is an excellent quick crop for the fall garden.  Kale is hardy to the cooling weather and sweetens as the nighttime temps begin to drop.  Whether direct sown for baby greens or transplanted for adult leaves, this plant is well loved and easy to grow on any scale.

30 Days or Less

Red Russian - 21 Days Baby

Dazzling Blue - 30 Days Baby

Lacinato - 30 Days Baby

50 Days or Less

Darkibor F1 - 50 Days

Meadowlark - 50 Days

Westlander - 50 Days

EazyLeaf Lettuces

Eazyleaf lettuces are varieties of lettuce that produce small and compact heads, making them ideal for harvesting after a shorter growth window.  These plants make great additions to greens blends and are cut from mini to personal sized heads, producing beautiful layers of delicate, crunchy leaves.  With so many colors and textures to choose from, these leaves make for elegant, gourmet lettuce mixes that can be mixed and matched to make something truly unique to your farm or garden.

While these lettuces are quick, they do require a little additional time as they are typically transplanted.  The good news is, these varieties are exceptionally hardy and can stand up to the cold temps of early winter.

57 Days or Less

Ezrilla - 52 Days

Hampton - 55 Days

Buckley - 57 Days

Brentwood - 57 Days

Standford - 57 Days


Spinach is another great green to incorporate into your fall growing system.  While it may take a little longer to reach maturity, spinach can be picked at any size and its deep, hardy green leaves tend to handle light frosts and can overwinter in many places under floating row cover.

50 Days or Less

Verdil Spinach - 37 Days

Butterflay Spinach - 40 Days

Corvair Spinach - 40 Days

Matador Spinach - 43 Days

Abundant Bloomsdale Spinach - 45 Days

Winter Bloomsdale Spinach - 45 Days

Giant Winter Spinach - 50 Days


When it comes to roots, Turnips are second only to radishes in their ease in growing culture and their quick sprint to maturity in the field.  In less than 50 days, these beautiful roots can be pulled from the ground and many people choose to pull them even earlier when baby.  The greens are edible, delicious, and cherished among Southerners across the Southeastern United States.

50 Days or Less

Tokyo Market - 35 Days

Hinona Kabu - 45 Days

Scarlet Ohno Revival - 50 Days