Farmers in mid-summer often have real estate to maximize as crops start to come out of the ground instead of going in. Read on for advice on some of our favorite quick-maturing crops that can fill those empty field spots and provide a little extra product for mid-season markets.


Microgreens  are the ultimate last-minute crop, no matter the season. We have plenty of colors, textures and flavors to choose from including our newest additions, Daikon RadishPurple Kohlrabi and Garnet Red Amaranth.



Mix-n-Match Radish Bunches

Radishes are summer’s colors at their best. An array of fresh radishes is perfect for retail market displays. Choose your own blend with SoraPearlPurple Plum and/or Pink Beauty




Annual Herbs

Annual Herbs  are easy to grow, easy to harvest, and easy to sell! Try Santo or Caribe CilantroBouquet Dill , or one of our many basil varieties.





Buckwheat is the go-to quick cover for mid-season bare soil. Read our blog about how to choose the right summer-sown cover crops.