Follow the links in each paragraph to get inspired and use the abundance of fresh greens you’re harvesting or buying this spring! If you still need seed for any of these greens, there’s plenty of time to order and plant them for a summer crop. Click on the image next to each crop to visit our product pages.


Nobody likes to find week-old spinach in the back of their crisper, so you’d better use up your supply while it’s fresh. How about lasagna for a steady supply of weekday lunches? Or reach outside your comfort zone and try this traditional Georgian spinach dish. If you’re not that experimental, you could always make a salad or a juice.



You can bask in the glory of arugula’s natural spice by adding it to almost anything. Or, if you want to mix it up instead of eating it raw, arugula makes a swell pesto (which you can freeze in ice cube trays for later meals!), or a hummus.



Swiss Chard 

Do you avoid Swiss chard at the farmer’s market because you don’t know what to do with it? Here’s a tip from Bon Appétit: start by adding something you can’t go wrong with, like butter and heavy cream. Then try pickling the stems. (If you have a mix of colors, keep the jars out on your kitchen counter or shelves to impress your family and friends!)



Maybe you’re already sick of making salads, but the New York Times has a guide that can inspire you to create simple but delicious green creations, or big, ingredient-heavy salads. Either way, you’ll need some kale. You could always go the clean eating route and put this nutrient-packed green in a smoothie. Or, if it’s a cool, rainy day you could just bake it.


What are your favorite recipes for spring greens? Share them below!