1. Budget Seed Starting on a Small Farm

    Late winter brings farmers out of the seed catalogs and into seed houses.  As greenhouses are heated, potting soil spread into trays, and seeds placed in each cell, excitement mounts for the coming season and all its possibilities.  For many farmers, especially new farmers, this is also a time of year when budgeting is crucial—money is going out, but not...
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  2. A "How-To" Guide for Watering Plants in a Greenhouse

    One of the great things about running a greenhouse is the level of targeted care that you can give to your plants. They are all in one spot, and their basic needs can be addressed in a way that would be hard in a field setting. Having some control, even a little, can be a great thing, when the real...
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  3. Excellent Tomato Varieties for High Tunnel Production

    Season extension has become standard practice among farmers and many home gardeners across the country.  Growing tomatoes in a high tunnel or hoop-house extends the season by providing protection from frost and maintaining warmer temperatures that allow for earlier harvest.  High tunnels and greenhouses also provide a protected growing environment for plants which increases the potential for higher yields and...
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