organic cabbage

  1. Variety Spotlight: Organic Cabbage

    Nothing says I love you like a cabbage (to paraphrase Farmer Paul Betz, one of our commercial grower representatives and owner of High Ledge Farm).  Here’s what’s great about one of the most rock solid, high performing (yet often under-appreciated) vegetables. Cabbages are versatile. A few years ago, I had no idea there were so many different types of cabbage. ...
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  2. Katie's Kitchen - Celebrating the Cabbage

    Cabbages tend to keep us Vermonters company for the duration of the long winter. Sometimes they are pickled in kimchi or sauerkraut, providing a bright, salty crispness to heavy meals. Sometimes they appear as a fresh head, harvested in the fall and still crisp beneath the outer layers months later. Try one of the recipes below to dress up those...
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  3. Planning the Fall Harvest

    Summer is finally here…time to start thinking about the fall!  This might sound funny, but very true when planning your fall harvest.  In regions with a shorter growing season, such as ours in Northeastern Vermont, most all of the fall crops are already in the ground.  In regions where the frost doesn’t hit until later in the fall, like October...
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