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  1. Blossom Drop on Tomatoes

    Due to the hot and humid weather, lately many gardeners are noticing "blossom drop" on their tomato plants. Blossoms are drying up and dropping off before the tomato fruit sets. As explained by J.M. Kemble, Extension Vegetable Specialist and associate Professor, Alabama Cooperative Extension System: "This condition is NOT related to any nutritional disorder, or any disease or insect...
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  2. Survey Says... Mother Earth News Readers Choose Their Favorite Tomatoes (And We Carry Many Of Those Varieties!)

    In Fall 2009, Mother Earth News Magazine conducted an online survey asking their readers to recommend tomato varieties that grow best where they live. More than 2,000 people responded.  Mother Earth News classified tomatoes into the following categories: Slicers: main-crop tomatoes for eating fresh and making sauce Cherries: marble-sized fruits in a rainbow of colors, for eating fresh...
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