Organic SeedsThere is an abundant future out there waiting for us to say yes to it.  It is filled with self-sufficient communities growing their own food and sharing with neighbors.  It is filled with non-genetically engineered seeds.  Seeds that are adapted to the needs of small organic farmers and gardeners.  Seeds that can be shared and saved by anyone; seeds selected for natural disease resistance, high nutrition and vigor.  While there is always a time to fight what you don’t believe in, there is also a time to support the future that you want to see.  That is what we do every day at High Mowing.

Here are a few projects that we are saying yes to.  These groups inspire us and we thought you would appreciate knowing about them.

Non-GMO Project

  • Non-GMO ProjectThis organization has been on the leading edge of developing standards for verifying that food products are not GMO.  We are helping them develop standards for verifying non-gmo seeds so that other seed companies can go through a third-party process.  Seeds are tricky in many ways, but they are where the food chain starts, so ensuring that they are non-gmo is a key first step in keeping gmos out of the entire food supply.

Organic Seed Alliance

  • Organic Seed AllianceThis is a great non-profit that does lots of research, education and support of organic plant breeding work.  They are doing a tremendous job supporting many farmers who are interested in learning about organic seed production.

Open Source Seed Initiative

  • This is a new group of plant breeders and seed growers that are seeking to create a new way of sharing seeds so that they can be shared in a collaborative spirit for the purpose of continual improvement or adaptation while still supporting the originator.  Another key aspect is the requirement that these seeds are NEVER allowed to be patented or privatized in any way.

Seed Matters

  • Seed MattersThis is a project of the Clif Bar Family Foundation and supports organic plant breeders and students in direct and specific ways.  Seed Matters is also pulling together many national food businesses in support of organic plant breeding and organic seeds.

High Mowing is a big supporter of these efforts and many others that are re-building our broken food systems into something that feeds us all the healthy food that we need, while leaving the land more fertile than we found it.  The passionate people of High Mowing encourage you to support these efforts, toward the hopeful future that we all know is there.  No one is going to do it for us; we need to do it for us.

Tom Stearns
President, High Mowing Organic Seeds

Please leave us a comment about YOUR vision for a healthy seed future - we'd love to hear your thoughts!