- by Sara Schlosser (owner of Sandiwood Farm and High Mowing Sales Associate)

In the wake of Hurricane Irene, and a hard spring.

Because I’m a Market Grower, Justice of the Peace, and I work for High Mowing, I offer my thoughts: an analogy of farming and marriage.

Farming is a love and a relationship with the land. The ties are sweet and sacred.

For most of us growers these days, it is a lifestyle choice, but also an act of great courage, a statement of profound love, and a belief in the capacity to earn a living doing what we love.

This love transforms us so that we begin to see ourselves not only as individuals, but also as essential parts of a larger thing - of something that reaches beyond the boundaries of ourselves. It hopefully feeds and nourishes not only ourselves, but also community members. It is joyful in concept, but very, very hard to accomplish, and we attempt it only because we believe in our love.

We commit to it, and we labor hard to succeed, even after crop failures and devastating weather. Farming is honorable, but should not by any means be entered into lightly -  but reverently and with sincerity.

And so, not knowing exactly what is before us, we plan, till, sow more seeds, have hope and faith, and continue to do what we love - grow!

Keep planting, have faith, and do the good work you believe in: GROW!