When it comes to the heat of summer, few vegetables are more refreshing than a crisp, freshly harvested cucumber eaten straight from the field, incorporated into a salad, or even juiced with mint or basil to make a delicious healthy beverage.  These prolific plants are the unsung heroes of summer and here at High Mowing we celebrate them with variety selections to match.  We've compiled some of our favorite varieties to help give you some inspiration for a cucumber infused life.  This time of year, especially in regions just south of the northeast and northwest, there is still time to get a last succession of cukes in the ground for late summer harvest.

European Slicers

These cucumbers are long, thin and have tender skin.  Typically, they have less seeds than other cucumber varieties and are very crisp.  The skins are generally smooth or lightly ribbed.  These delicious cucumbers are prized for their uniformity, length, and endurance in the garden during adverse conditions.

Manny F1

This little cutie is a staff favorite at High Mowing.  Smaller than many of the other European cucumbers, Manny is the perfect snack size, just 5-7 inches, and is an absolute beauty with a uniform thickness from end to end.  The plants do not require pollination and for that reason are able to produce early, heavy yields to jump-start the season.  The plants produce well even under stress and have shown prolific fruit set when trellised as well as when grown on the ground in the field.  Not only is Manny an early producing cucumber, it is great for later plantings and extending the harvest.  With resistance to Cucumber Vein Yellows Virus and Powdery Mildew, Manny has the power to keep you in cucumbers even when the conditions are just right for the development of disease.  If you haven't tried this crunchy little gem, head on over to our website and see what the hype is all about.

Tyria F1

If you're looking for length, Tyria tops out at 14 inches and offers up elegant, slender fruits with lightly ribbed skins.  These high class cucumbers do not require pollination and their mild, sweet flavor is hard to beat.  The skin on these gorgeous fruits never gets bitter which makes them ideal for snacks, salads, or juicing without the need to peel them.  Tyria can be grown in a greenhouse or in the field and should be trellised to ensure straight fruits.  With high resistance to Scab, Target Leaf Spot, and resistance to Powdery Mildew, these cucumbers arrive in style even when other cukes are losing momentum.  Want to up the level of elegance in the garden this year?  Check out this classy variety on our website and make your farmers market stand or kitchen table a regal affair.

Socrates F1

Socrates is a favorite cucumber in regions and seasons where low exposure to light and conditions for powdery mildew development abound.  These sweet, mid sized cukes top out at 7 inches and have been a winner of our trials taste tests.  Great for northern climes or fall and winter production, the plants are high yielding and have high resistance to Cucumber Scab.  The plants do not require pollination and can be grown to be seedless if insects are kept from entering flowers.  The fruits are beautifully smooth with excellent uniformity and the skin is verdant and shiny.  Need a little extra cucumber love in your low light growing environment?  Grab what you need on our website and get your no fuss cucumber groove on.

American Slicers

Like their European counterparts, American Slicers are generally long, thin skinned, have limited bitterness, and slow seed development which makes them ideal for fresh eating.  These slicers  have great flavor and develop the classic bumps found on many cucumber types.  Often they have a variance in depth of color and their deep greens mixed with the occasional light green streak or end make them gorgeous on display on a market table or in a harvest basket.

Marketmore 76

If you're familiar with cucumber varieties, you've probably heard of Marketmore 76.  It is the most widely planted open pollinated slicer in the United States.  The fruits are dark green and have a mild flavor even under heat stress.  Plants are highly resistant to Powdery Mildew, Cucumber Mosaic Virus, Cucumber Scab, and have shown good resistance to Angular Leaf Spot and Anthracnose in our trials.  The popularity of this variety stems from its long picking season and resilience.  Need a classic cucumber that will check all the boxes?  Get yourself some stability and visit our website for more information.

Paraiso F1

When it comes to early, hardy cucumbers, Paraiso is an exceptional choice for both productivity and taste.  These mild flavored beauties grow on vigorous vines with giant, protective green leaves that shade the fruit from over exposure to sunshine.  This variety outperforms popular greenhouse varieties like Corinto.  Resistant to Powdery Mildew, Cucumber Mosaic Virus, and Cucumber Vein Yellows Virus, these 8 to 10 inch fruits are high yielding even in cool temperatures.  This resilient hybrid does not need to be pollinated to produce and the shimmering fruits offer a gorgeous color spectrum from dark to light green.  Need to find a cucumber that can hang with you in cooler weather?  Stop by our website to check out this durable, resistant producer with swoon worthy features.

DMR 401

This brand new, open pollinated cucumber is a super hero among cucumbers.  DMR 401 offers resistance to the new strain of Downey Mildew that infects cucurbits and can be planted during the window in the season when Downey Mildew is expected.  With 7 inch fruits, these cucumbers have a classic matte finish, beautiful color variation, and have solid uniformity.  Downey Mildew got you down?  Perk right up with these gorgeous, resistant cucumbers available on our website.


Who doesn't love a good pickle?  Whether you like them sweet, sour, or spicy, pickles are a staple in kitchens everywhere and making them from homegrown fruits is surely one of the most victorious feelings the summer season can bring.  Pickling cucumbers tend to be smaller than the average slicer, which is what makes them so perfect for stuffing into jars.  They often go from a dark green end to a lighter green end and can be tapered.  While they are called pickling cucumbers, they usually make great fresh eating cukes and their size makes them perfect for grabbing for a quick bite on the go.

National Pickling

The name says it all.  National Pickling cucumbers are productive, consistent, and a national go-to for pickling.  This cucumber was bred by the National Pickle Packers Association to meet the needs and dreams of pickle growers everywhere.  The fruits are striped, have black spines, and blunt ends.  The plants are resistant to Cucumber Mosaic Virus and Cucumber Scab.  These 5 inch, chunky little cukes are great fresh in salads and perfect for a quick snack.  The plants produce prolifically and can create a serious pile on the market or kitchen table.  Need some nationally recognized greatness?  Head on over to our website and get your hands on this national treasure (before Nicolas Cage does.)


Sometimes its hard to wait for the perfect pickles to develop on plants and Caplypso has arrived to end this problem for good.  Calypso produces a blocky, 4 inch fruit that is perfect for pickling or fresh eating.  This variety is exceptionally early to harvest and has superior productivity.  It has an impressive disease resistant package with high resistance to Angular Leaf Spot, Anthracnose, Cucumber Mosaic Virus, Powdery Mildew, and Cucumber Scab.  The plants are gynoecious and set only female flowers .  Because they only produce female flowers, they put all of their energy towards the fruits. The fruits go from a medium to light green and are uniform with blunt ends.  Want to win the gold medal for first pickles of the season?  Stop by our website and grab this early riser with heavy yields.

This adorable pickling cucumber has a lot to offer in a small, compact package.  The plants themselves are tighter, have smaller leaves, and grow vigorously with branching vines that make them suitable for field, greenhouse, or container gardening.  The small leaves make it easy to see the fruit and makes harvesting a breeze.  The uniformly shaped fruits make for good pickles or tasty raw for fresh eating and top out at 3-4 inches.  These plants have been known to produce under stress without the aid of pollinators.  They are parthenocarpic, so they don’t need to be pollinated. This makes them perfect for places with heavy Cucumber Beetle pressure, or stretches of cloudy, rainier weather when pollinators aren’t flying. Little Leaf is highly resistant to Angular Leaf Spot, Anthracnose, and Cucumber Scab and is also resistant to Cucumber Mosaic Virus and Powdery Mildew.  Have a small space just perfect for a small cuke?  Grab some seed on our website and enjoy these little, green, striped fruits.


We've all had the temptation to go off the beaten path and do something truly wild.  We've ordered varieties of plants that were beautiful and bizarre without any guarantee of success and we've all suffered from the variable results.  The good news is, High Mowing not only features some truly funky and unique varieties, we also do the vetting to make sure that the plants are not only interesting, but that they also reliably produce.  Specialty cucumbers are varieties that are more exotic, imaginative, and reveal the true beauty offered by the creativity of the Earth.  Our selections will not only stand out on the table, but they will be viable and productive options for the commercial grower and home gardener alike.

Silver Slicer

Move over green cucumbers, there's a new kid on the block.  Tired of the same old cucumber vibes that you've experienced your entire life?  Silver Slicer is an open pollinated, purely white cucumber, with an excellent flavor profile and juicy, crisp flesh.  The skin is tender and thin and never bitter.  This striking cucumber has the look of an heirloom with the added benefits of more length, better flavor, and thinner skin.  The 5-6 inch fruits are field resistant to Powdery Mildew which allows this vigorous plant to produce well into the fall.  A taste test winner in our trials garden, this fun cucumber is not only a conversation piece, but a fantastic fresh eating fruit.  Need a little sparkle in your life?  Head on over to our website and grab the Silver Slicer for some trend setting flare.


A chef favorite, Lemon Cucumbers are beyond beautiful heirlooms with yellow tinted flesh that is almost iridescent in the sun.  This monoecious plant produces fruit that has a delicate flavor and a delicious, crunchy bite.  The cucumbers are 3 inches, round and turn lemon yellow when they are ready to eat.  Lemon cucumbers do well in short seasons and are great for large containers.  These crystal like stunners are great for adding some diversity to CSA offerings, market tables, and for engaging your kids to new and interesting vegetables that are too exciting not to try.  Want to turn some heads?  Stop by the website and grab some seed for this truly special, specialty cucumber.

Suyo Long

When it comes to edgy, modern art-type cucumbers, the Suyo Long variety is a wild character that delivers not only on uniqueness but also taste and productivity.  This Asian, monecious plant produces burpless, sweet flavored fruits that can grow to be 15" inches in length.  The fruits start out spiny when young and grow into smooth, long cukes with delicate striping and a tapered form.  If grown off trellis, fruits curve and can grow into a diversity of unique shapes.  For straight fruits, Suyo Long can be trellised and with its resistance to Powdery Mildew, is a highly productive cucumber with good field longevity.  Looking for a show stopper that will gain you points with your artsy friends?  Check out these works of art on our website and become the art collector you were always meant to be.