"Nothing like a bundle of freshly picked collard greens... We wanted to leave them in longer but we noticed cut worms & aphids on the leaves. Sigh.. we needed the space anyway so it is ok.⁠ I read that GA Southern collard greens are a perennial in our zone 8 so I left 2 plants in the bed to see what happens. Perennial vegetables have been something I have been wanting to add more of in the garden so we are excited to see how it does." -- Quilenthia growing in Zone 8a Georgia It can be easy to think of humans as being separate from the natural world and to see our environment as something we impact as opposed to belong to. The truth is, we are both the cause of environmental and social problems and the solution. There are many aspects of our modern world that contribute to extraction, exploitation and injustice; simultaneously our world is full of individuals, organizations and communities invested in their local habitats and the people who belong to them. Root 5 Farm and farms like it are beneficial. Ben and Danielle not only provide for 400 families living in Fairlee, Vermont, but the farm itself creates crucial habitat for a diverse assortment of essential species. Through their work, they are not acting outside of nature, but entwining themselves and their livelihoods to it. What this creates is a community that is nourished by an equally nourished landscape. It goes to show that when we open ourselves to the thriving of others, we too can thrive.