High Mowing’s Season Starter Kit

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Seed Starting Kit
Jump Start Seedling Heat Mat
Dial Seeder
Fertil 3.5" Compostable Pot
Wooden Pot Labels

Kick off your gardening season with the High Mowing Organic Seeds Season Starter Kit, a comprehensive set to help you start growing your own organic seedlings.

From seeding and germination, to transplanting and organization, this collection provides essential tools for seedling success and is perfect for beginners and experienced growers alike.

This Collection offers the following:

  • Seed Starting Kit - includes a 50-cell seedling tray, a 1020 watering and carrying tray, and a 6-quart bag of Vermont Compost Company Fort Vee Potting Soil.
  • Jump Start Seedling Heat Mat - this handy heat mat gently warms the soil, encouraging faster germination and healthier seedling growth.
  • Dial Seeder - this precise tool makes seeding less tedious by providing even seed distribution, which is especially helpful when dealing with irregular or tiny seed types.
  • 20 Wooden Pot Labels - these 4" x 5/8" natural wood pot labels are perfect for organizing your seedlings in seedling trays, pots and containers.
  • 18 Fertile 3.5" Compostable Pots - high quality, lightweight OMRI listed fully biodegradable 3.5 x 3.5-inch pots for seedlings that can be placed directly in the soil at time of transplant, eliminating transplant shock

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For seed starting tips and instructions, watch our helpful video, "How to Start Seeds in Trays".

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