Exceed Peat for Garden Combination Inoculant (Treats 8 lbs)

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Used when planting beans and peas.

A peat-based inoculant applied directly to seed before planting. Use of this inoculant provides faster germination and stimulates plant hormones responsible for root development, resulting in enhanced plant development and yields. Must be used in one season. Active ingredients include Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar viciae, Bradyrhizobium sp. (Vigna), and Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar phaseoli bacteria.

  • OMRI Approved
  • Contains 1.5 oz of inoculant
  • Treats 8 lbs of seed

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Note: This item can only be shipped within the contiguous US.

Cultural Info

Treats all varieties of Acadia, Adzuki bean, Alyce Clover, Black eyed peas, Centrosema, Clay peas, Cowpea, Crotolaria, Desmodium, False blue indigo, Hair indigo, Iron peas, Jack bean, Joint vetch, Kangaroo thorn, Korean lespedeza, Kudzu, Lima beans, Mungbeans, Partridge pea, Peanut, Pigeon pea, Pink eyed purple hull pea, Sericea lespedeza, Siratro, Slender bushclover, Striped crotolaria, Sunn crotolaria, Sunn hemp, Tepary bean, Velvet bean, Wild indigo, Winged bean, Winged crotolaria, Austrian winter pea, Chickling vetch, Common vetch, Field pea, Flat pea, Garden pea, Hairy vetch, Lentil, Manantha vetch, Narrowleaf vetch, Purple vetch, Rough pea, Specter pea, Sweet pea, Tangier pea, Trapper pea, Black beans, Cranberry beans, Field or Canning beans, Great Northern beans , Kidney beans, Navy beans, Pink beans, Garden/String beans, Snap beans, Wax beans, Pinto beans, Scarlet Runner beans.

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