Vermont Compost Company Fort Vee Potting Mix 2 Yard Sling Bag

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A rich, organic compost-based potting soil made by Vermont Compost Company that is perfect for seed-starting and transplants in trays, pots and soil blocks.

Blended from composted manure and plant materials, blonde horticultural grade sphagnum peat moss, crushed and screened granite and basalt, blood meal, kelp meal, steamed bone meal, mined gypsum, vermiculite, washed coconut coir, and the biodynamic preparations. This well-balanced blend will increase the nutrient, mineral, and antioxidant levels of your seedlings at a crucial stage in their development. The preferred germination medium of our trials manager.

  • 2 Yard Sling (1,750 lbs) - Fills about 340 50 cell flats, about 394 72 cell flats and about 486 128 cell flats.
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