Cichorium intybus

Leonardo F1 Radicchio

Days to Maturity: 85 days

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Large, perfectly round heads are intensely purple with bright white midribs.

Extremely vigorous variety that strongly resists bolting and shows some resistance to tip burn. Heads average 1 lb each at maturity. Plant for fall and winter crops, when color and flavor is best. From our partners at Bejo Seeds.

  • Chioggia-type
  • Round 4-5" heads
  • Hybrid

13-15M (14M avg) seeds/oz, 208-240M (228M avg) seeds/lb. M=1,000. 1/32 oz approx. 425 seeds.  Direct seeding rate: 15 seeds/foot in rows 12-18” apart, thin to 8”. Transplant: 8-12” apart in rows 12-18” apart.

Cultural Info

Days to maturity are from direct seeding. Specialty greens are a broad category of leafy plants, many of which are cold hardy and fast growing. Crops in this group are gaining popularity due to their ease of culture and unique flavors and colors.

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