Beeline Pollinator Mix

Days to Maturity: 55 days

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Give your bees a support group with this pollinator-friendly collection!

A diverse nutrition source for a wide variety of bees, butterflies and other pollinators all season long. Purple-flowered phacelia is the star of this mix, providing important bee forage over a long season, while sunflowers, cosmos, herbs and other flowers provide favorite pollen and nectar sources to both domesticated and wild bees. May contain cosmos, bachelor button, sunflower, mustards and phacelia. Approx. 7,900 seeds/oz. Seeding rate: 1 oz/200 square feet or 1 lb for 3200 sq ft.

  • Attracts bees, butterflies and other pollinators
  • 24-36" tall
  • Annual
  • Open-Pollinated

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