Cichorium endivia

Benefine Frisee

Days to Maturity: 30 days baby, 48 full size

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Exquisite heads of deeply cut leaves with self-blanching, creamy hearts.

A beautiful frisee-type chicory with excellent resistance to tip burn and good bolt tolerance. Plants grow in gorgeous, thin heads that are highly uniform and self-blanching in the heart to reveal tender, sweet leaves that are perfect for salads and other raw preparations. From our partners at Vitalis Seeds.

  • Tres Fine Maraichere Frisee-type
  • Spring/summer production
  • Slow to bolt
19.3-20.3M (19.8M avg) seeds/oz, 310-325M (317M avg) seeds/lb. M=1,000. 1/32 oz approx. 650 seeds. Direct seeding rate: Baby, 60 seeds/foot in a 2" band in rows 2-6" apart. Full size, 15 seeds/foot in a rows 12-18" apart, thin to 8". Transplant: 8-12" apart in rows 12-18" apart.

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