Create a Hybrid: Cha-Ching F1 Zucchini Kit

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Everything you need to grow your own hybrid seeds!  

Hybridization is a technique that has been used purposefully and accidentally for thousands of years to achieve a diversity of characteristics including unique colors and shapes, high yields and disease resistance.  We invite you to learn how hybrids are made in a hands-on way with this seed collection.  A great learning opportunity with easy instructions included!  Cha-Ching is a productive, disease resistant hybrid zucchini created by High Mowing for organic growers.  Kit includes seeds for Cha-Ching's male and female parents - simply plant the parents, cross-pollinate their flowers, and harvest Cha-Ching seeds!  Also includes Cha-Ching F1 seeds for comparison.

  • Excellent school garden & kids activity

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