Cichorium endivia

Eliance Escarole

Days to Maturity: 35 days baby, 50 full size

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Smooth-leaved endive with upright growth habit for field or greenhouse production.

Heads are smooth, uniform and elegant with long, narrow and flexible internal leaves. Grown in greenhouses for its early maturity, plants are self-bleaching with resilient bases. Excellent flavor and tenderness for gourmet salads. From our partners at Vitalis Seeds.

  • Field and greenhouse
  • Bolt resistant
  • All season production
19.3-20.3M (19.8M avg) seeds/oz, 310-325M (317M avg) seeds/lb. M=1,000. 1/32 oz approx. 650 seeds. Direct seeding rate: Baby, 60 seeds/foot in a 2" band in rows 2-6" apart. Full size, 15 seeds/foot in a rows 12-18" apart, thin to 8". Transplant: 8-12" apart in rows 12-18" apart.

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