Helianthus annuus

Hopi Black Dye Sunflower

Days to Maturity: 95 days

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A Hopi heirloom prized for its purple-black seeds, used especially for coloring baskets.

High Mowing sold this variety in our very first catalog, and we're bringing it back in part to complete the circle of our journey, and in part because it's a great variety. Like us, it's scrappy and resilient and does a lot with a little, where the seeds are good for dye but also for food or feed, and are the best for de-hullling. The massive tall flowers are classically sunflower beautiful, with yellow rays around purple-black centers. Grown for countless generations, this variety will almost certainly still be used to make dye a hundreds years from now. Approx. 500 seeds/oz.

  • Natural dye source
  • 7-11 feet tall
  • Heirloom

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