Phacelia tanacetifolia


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Productive garden plant and cover crop with excellent pollinator attraction.

Highly attractive to honeybees, native bees, and syrphid flies, whose larva are voracious feeders on aphids and young caterpillars. Phacelia is widely adaptable and tolerates drought better than most but requires a dark, cool place for good germination, so bury seed at least 1/4 inch deep. Often grown with buckwheat, which acts as a nurse crop for the slower germinating phacelia. Once established, the phacelia takes over the planting and flowers over a long season. Excellent for intercropping between cash crops to attract beneficial predators and pollinators. Seeding rate: 7-12 lbs/acre, 1/4 lb/1000 sq ft.

  • Premium pollinator attractant
  • Interplant between row crops
  • Open-Pollinated

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