Cichorium intybus

Rosa Scarlatta Radicchio

Days to Maturity: 55 days full size

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Early producing, round and tight, dense heads with stunning ivory green leaves and rosy pink speckles.

This show-stopping Variegata di Lusia-type is uniform and productive. A cross section of the head reveals multitudes of tender leaves with unique and gorgeous coloration. Heads have a short core. Plants are very reliable and produce early. Transplant seedlings 28 to30 days after seeding. From our partners at

  • Variegata di Lusia-type
  • All season production
  • 4-6" heads
  • Open-Pollinated
13-15M (14M avg) seeds/oz, 208-240M (228M avg) seeds/lb. M=1,000. 1/32 oz approx. 425 seeds. Direct seeding rate: 15 seeds/foot in rows 12-18" apart, thin to 8". Transplant: 8-12" apart in rows 12-18" apart.

Cultural Info

Specialty greens are cold hardy and fast growing leafy plants. Days to maturity are from direct seeding, except for chicories (endive, escarole, puntarelle, radicchio,) where days to maturity are from transplant.

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