Gomphrena globosa

Strawberry Fields Globe Amaranth

Days to Maturity: 95 Days

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Brilliant red globe amaranth with long, sturdy stems perfect for fresh cut flowers and for dried floral arrangements.

These productive plants fill a garden space with multitudes of bright red globes in a tight bush habit. The durable stems are great for bouquets and the flowers hold their beautiful color when dried. With long field holding quality, the entire plant can be pulled at the close of the season to preserve the flowers. Great addition to the Las Vegas Mix.

  • Globe amaranth
  • Cut or dried flowers
  • 18-24" tall
  • Annual

Approx. 5.6M seeds/oz, approx. 88 seeds per 1/64 oz packet.

Cultural Info

Plant in full sun. Plants are tolerant of dry weather. Start transplants indoors 8-12 weeks before planting out. 12-18" plant spacing.

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