Brassica oleracea

Te You Flowering Broccoli

Days to Maturity: 50 days

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Thick, succulent stems, crisp leaves and mini-broccoli florets; also known as Chinese broccoli.

Stems are best harvested young; perfect lightly steamed or sauteed with Hoisin sauce. Tolerant of heat and cool temperatures with resistance to mildews. Plant late spring to early fall.

  • Heat and cold tolerant
  • Open-Pollinated

Hon Tsai Tai- 10M seeds/oz, Spring Raab- 17M seeds/oz. M=1,000

Cultural Info

Moderately hardy annuals that combine qualities of mustard greens and broccoli for salads and light cooking. Grown for their tender flowering shoots, this large family of vegetables has no central head but many tender leaves and side shoots with penny size clusters of buds. Many plants in this family are quite beautiful in the garden, some favoring cooler seasons and some preferring heat. Use floating row cover when planting to protect from flea beetles. Will tolerate light frosts. Harvest multiple times as flower stalks peak above foliage or for a one time harvest.

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