Seed Rack Stories

When it comes to the growing season, it all starts with a dream and a seed. From Maine to California to Canada, and everywhere in between, our seed rack retailers support local growers and inspire new gardeners to grow for themselves, while also providing the necessary supplies and know-how needed to get to harvest. It is from perusing beautifully stocked shelves, selecting from a tidy seed rack, and engaging with a knowledgeable and friendly clerk, that the greener, more equitable future we dream of begins to take shape.

We know now more than ever that our connections are what keep us well. We know too that if we want a different future, we must plan(t) it. Thank you for being a part of planting that future with us

Ward's Nursery & Garden Center

Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Donald J. Ward Jr. started Ward’s Nursery and Garden Center in 1957. Starting out with 2 small greenhouses and a potting shed,
Ward’s has since grown into a must-see destination for gardeners and holiday enthusiasts.

Like many essential garden center and nursery businesses, Ward’s has experienced increased interest in gardening from their customers.  “We’re excited about all the new gardeners who want to try growing their own and are willing to learn more about gardening in general.”  One method for successfully bringing these new customers back has been giving solid advice for successful planting, maintenance and harvest. “We need to be clear about space needs, soil needs, watering needs, variety differences, pest challenges—everything that it takes to get plants started and growing well. Packaging and cross-promotion facilitates that education process.”

Ward’s Nursery maximizes their seed sales by keeping seeds available, all season long. “Seeds fill the back wall of our garden center from January through August accompanied by seed-starting soils, packs, domes, labels and more necessary materials to promote success. We offer seeds for the following year on rotating racks through the holiday season, too. Seeds are always available! We advertise seed availability in print, radio, social media, and promote seed-starting classes, too.”

New Morning Market

Woodbury, Connecticut

Located on Main Street in Woodbury, Connecticut, New Morning Market is an independent family-owned natural foods store committed to providing local, organic, and delicious food to its community since 1971.

While The New Morning Market team have overcome many obstacles over the years, the pandemic was unique. The hardships encountered were difficult, for everyone, but the possibilities hidden in the problems did not go unnoticed. “Along with the challenges that going through a pandemic brought, there were benefits as well. The good PR from being recognized as an essential business during the lockdown phase was one. Also, many of the new visitors who ‘discovered’ our shop, because we had supplies when their regular stores didn’t, are still coming in.”

As the world reeled from the newly enforced isolation and the inescapable sense of resource scarcity, customers found their way to New Morning Market in hopes of learning just what it meant to do what they needed for themselves, and this trend appears to be an enduring one. “This is what I think is most promising: there has been an increase in customers seeking our advice to gain skills to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle...each meaningful exchange brings us closer to achieving our mission – to create a healthy, local and sustainable food community.”


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