The Homesteading RD's Cold Weather Collection

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Azur Star Kohlrabi
Dagan F1 Brussels Sprouts
Yukina Savoy Asian Greens
Prize Choy Pac Choy
Westlander Kale

The Homesteading RD's favorites for growing in cold weather.

Katie Krejci is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and homesteader who is obsessed with all things related to food, self-sufficiency and doing things the old fashioned way. Katie is based in eastern Minnesota on a 5 acre property. She says, "It is in this space that I can help people learn how to grow their own food, develop healthy soil, raise animals the old-fashioned way, and live a toxin-free, simple life. Something beautiful happens when you slow down and find purpose in the little things."

Katie's location means she's familiar with the challenges of growing in a shorter season with cooler temperatures - she's selected varieties that are her favorites to help manage these conditions. You can learn more about Katie on her website and on Instagram.

This Variety Collection offers the following pack sizes:

  • Azur Star Kohlrabi - 25 seeds
  • Dagan F1 Brussels Sprouts - 25 seeds
  • Yukina Savoy Asian Greens - 1/32 oz
  • Prize Choy Pac Choy - 1/32 oz
  • Westlander Kale - 50 seeds

For information regarding the speed specifications and growing information for these varieties, please visit their product pages.

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