Professional Quality Seeds for Resellers

When You Choose High Mowing Organic Seeds:

You are supporting a safer ecosystem for the bees and other insects that pollinate a third of all the food on earth, family farms that grow our professional-grade organic seeds, and agricultural practices that result in healthier soil, water, and communities.

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Select High Mowing Organic Seeds For Your Store and enjoy:

  • Guaranteed Sales Program
  • Easy order and reorder process, and fast, reliable delivery
  • A single price point for all packets
  • Colorfully branded table top and floor display options
  • Thoughtfully curated seed collections that will inspire your customers

Your customers will enjoy:

  • Professional quality, 3rd party verified organic non-GMO seeds
  • Quality educational materials, including seed starting tip cards and growing information
  • Easy to grow vegetables with great taste!

Our Products:

We offer three different Seed Rack sizes in addition to a counter top collection.
  • 48 Variety Collection is available in 5 different carefully selected themes of seeds, including: Best Seller, Farm Stand, Heirloom and Open-Pollinated, Southern Garden and Cool Season.  
  • 96 Variety Collection is an expanded offering of our Best Seller Theme, featuring many gourmet varieties as well as our most popular vegetables, herbs and flowers all on one display.

  • 144 Variety Collection also follows our Best Best Seller Theme with a broad array of vegetables, herbs and flowers.  Our 144 Collection is merchandised conveniently in our small-footprint metal spinner rack!

We offer a guaranteed sales program. 

  • When you make your initial order, you will decided between a Outright or Guaranteed Sales program.  With our Guaranteed Sales Program, you can return up to half your seed packets at the end of the season and get 90% credit for them!

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