May 2021

  1. Sales Reps Favorite Spring Recipes

    As you can probably imagine, all of us here at High Mowing are pretty food motivated. When you talk about growing delicious crops all day, it's hard not to develop a serious appetite. Spring is an amazing time for making meals and we know just how hard it can be to get creative in the kitchen when you've been hustling...
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  2. Our Heart & Soil Magazine GIVEAWAY!

    The winner of this month's giveaway will receive a one-year subscription to Heart & Soil magazine. Thanks to our friends at Heart & Soil one lucky giveaway winner will enjoy this informational quarterly publication that is packed with instructive and practical content written “for the expert, the activist, and the curious.” Topics covered in this regenerative ag magazine include: Regenerative...
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  3. Growing Greens in the Heat of Summer

    The abundant summer heat and sunshine is notorious for drying up soils and baking the life out of tender greens. While it might feel impossible to get your salads at the same time as your okra and tomatoes, growing greens in the summer is an option in almost every region. With a few management techniques, the right varieties and some...
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